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Al Mulla Exchange opens its 52nd branch

January 2014

By adding 3 more branches in December, Al Mulla Exchange now has 52 branches operating across Kuwait. The new branches opened are two in Salwa and one in Mahaboula. In addition to the new branches, Al Mulla Exchange also has a mobile Exchange on Wheels, a van which is equipped to undertake transactions in areas where there is little or no accessibility.
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Select Transportation Solutions ( Select ) is a joint venture between Nasser Bin Khaled Al Thani & Sons (NBK Group) of Qatar and Al Mulla Group of Kuwait formed in 2005. Realizing the increasing demand for turnkey solution car rental companies in Qatar, the partners aimed at creating the largest car rental company in Qatar targeting both individual as well as corporate clients.

Replicating AMRL's successful business model in Kuwait , Select is today the leading car rental company in Qatar with an an active fleet of over 1,000 vehicles

consisting of primarily Mitsubishi vehicles (75%), as well as other brands such as Nissan and Honda.

The list of clientele include Chevron, Shell, Archiridon, CDE Ireland, Kempe (Australia), Gama Qatar (Turkish Construction Co.) among others.

The NBK Group

The NBK Group was established in the early 50's by its founder the late Sheikh Nasser Bin Khaled Al Thani. Today, NBK's business interests covers a wide range of activities including the automotive industry, engineering and telecom, household appliances, heavy equipment, tyres, civil engineering, construction and real estate, foodstuff, apparels and catering.

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