Starting as an in house procurement department, the Engineering Products Division was instrumental in assisting the Engineering Group grow to be the leading private sector MEP contractor in the State of Kuwait by providing an integrated link to the major international suppliers of MEP products.

As partnerships with key suppliers increased, the Engineering Products Division was eventually spun off as a standalone business responsible for in house as well as retail and wholesale supply and sale of all brands and products carried under the division.

Today, the Engineering Products Division occupies a leading position among engineering product suppliers in Kuwait, having strong partnerships with the major electrical,plumbing, HVAC, piping, and air movement products suppliers from all parts of the world, all of which are sold through a strong network of engineers, sales staff, and dealership network.


The Engineering Products Division has segmented its products into 4 different business units, each catering to a specific area of engineering product

Retail Sales

The retail sales unit deals in the supply of electrical wiring accessories, domestic ventilation products and ductile iron pipes.

Direct Sales

The Direct Sales unit deals in pipe support systems, instruments and gauges, steel & DI pipes, GI sheets, insulation material, fire retardant systems and vibration isolation.

Electrical Sales

The electrical sales unit deals in light fittings and fixtures, bus ducts, cable management systems including cable trays, cable ladders and under floor trunking.

Air Movement Product Sales

The AMP unit deals in air supply products of HVAC such as ventilation systems, smoke extraction systems, dampers, sound attenuators, VAVs, air handling units and grills & diffusers. The Department also deals in chillers and HV cables for project requirements.