In 1938, the late Abdulla Saleh Al Mulla, Secretary of State for Kuwait for over two decades and founder of today’s Al Mulla Group, started an electrical appliances shop and soon acquired the distribution rights for General Electric appliances in Kuwait. Being both a visionary as well as an entrepreneur, the late Mr. Al Mulla continued to search for opportunities to grow the business while managing to balance his responsibilities as Secretary of State.

In 1948, the company managed to secure the exclusive distribution rights for Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth automobiles in Kuwait. This partnership continues until this day with Chrysler International, growing stronger and healthier with time, a fact that the Group prides itself with. The business witnessed even further growth over the next decades, with diversification of business into new areas, such as Engineering, Financing, Marine, Foodstuff, Insurance, and Travel, while still continuing to grow the automotive business.

1972 was a key milestone for the automotive division of Al Mulla Group when it achieved even further success after being appointed as the exclusive distributor for Mitsubishi Motors in Kuwait. This partnership also exists until this day,

with further growth of the partnership with Mitsubishi in new areas such as Iraq and Egypt, both through joint ventures with other partners.

New subsidiaries were created to cater to this expansion, with companies such as Bader Al Mulla & Bros., Maseelah Trading Company, and Saleh Jamal & Partner, all wholly owned subsidiaries, being created from the 50s onwards. Al Mulla Group Holding Company was later created as an umbrella company under which all Group subsidiaries, affiliates, and associates that total over 30 are held.

Under the guidance and leadership of the Group’s shareholders, Al Mulla Group’s principal goal is to create effective and far-reaching solutions that would address a wide range of needs, starting from automotives, financing solutions, engineering, manufacturing, and trading while at the same time identifying and securing new business opportunities that would benefit our customers.