About Al Mulla Group

Al Mulla Group is one of the largest diversified privately held business groups headquartered in Kuwait, driven by over 15,000 people from more than 35 countries. Through affiliations with over 40 companies and subsidiaries and exclusively representing over 200 world-class global brands, Al Mulla Group runs a diverse portfolio of business operations in numerous domains including:


  • Automotive distribution and servicing
  • Engineering
  • Rental & Leasing of Vehicles and Heavy Equipment
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Consumer & Corporate Financing
  • Investments
  • Security Services
  • Money Exchange
  • Office Automation
  • Engineering Products Distribution
  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • Travel
  • Cargo Services

From humble beginnings that started in Kuwait City in 1938 with a trading business importing electrical appliances from the U.K., the Group today stands tall in operating across continents in Kuwait, Iraq, Oman, the UAE, Qatar, India and Egypt, with further plans underway for expansion in other areas in the Middle East and beyond.


The Group’s guiding principles of steadfast commitment and organizational efficiencies in delivering exceptional products and services, and adherence to international standards of governance have been key drivers in fostering lasting partnerships with over 120 international companies from over 25 countries. As a result, the Group has cultivated an ecosystem of integrity and trust in building longstanding relationships with multiple other businesses, governments, and NGOs across the Middle East over the last 80 years.


Al Mulla Group’s business philosophy is in creating forward thinking solutions that have endless possibilities in various business sectors including automotive, financing solutions, engineering, manufacturing, and trading. The Group’s DNA is embedded in identifying and designing opportunities that would facilitate new platforms for business growth and generating value for all stakeholders - customers and the larger communities alike.

Our History

Our History
Our History

The Beginnings

With the clear vision of creating an entrepreneurial legacy, Mr. Abdullah Saleh Al Mulla, the then Secretary of State of Kuwait, started a business trading in electrical appliances in downtown Kuwait City. With his keen business acumen, he was able to forge strong partnerships and utilize opportunities to create a network with reputed international brands. This determination paid off when he acquired the rights for General Electric in Kuwait.

Since the company’s inception, Al Mulla Group has stood for unrivaled quality above all. This stemmed from the founder Mr. Al Mulla’s belief in enduring partnerships that stood the test of time. He believed that every successful business is built on mutual trust and respect and that excellence and professionalism were key components of keeping pace with growth.

Even today, these principles form the pillars of Al Mulla’s Groups business operations. read more

Our Founder

Our Founder Abdallah Al Mulla

Abdullah Saleh Al Mulla

A career diplomat, Abdullah Saleh Al Mulla, MBE, served as the Secretary of State of Kuwait for over two decades, managing foreign relations between Kuwait and other nations, in addition to carrying out his duty to his country, he was also a visionary entrepreneur. 

He embarked on an ambitious journey of introducing new brands and concepts to Kuwait. Starting with a store selling electrical appliances, he moved on to importing goods from the UK. His perseverance and drive for excellence led him to introduce many firsts to the country. Al Mulla Group was the first to debut HVAC systems, the first to introduce a marine products company, the first to establish a travel bureau, and many other pioneering businesses in Kuwait.read more

Executive Team


Talal Anwar Al Mulla
Chief Executive Officer
Rohit Bhasin
Chief Financial Officer
Abdulla Najeeb Almulla
Chief Administration Officer
Danah Anwar Al Mulla
Chief Strategy Officer
Hormuzda Davar
Managing Director - Trading, Manufacturing & Financial Services Group
Imad Flayhan
Managing Director - Automotive Group
Anfal Nabeel Al Mulla
Managing Director - Engineering Group


2022 - Al Mulla Group and Mitsubishi Motors Celebrate 50 Years of Strategic Partnership

In 2022, Maseelah Trading Co., a member of Al Mulla Group and the sole authorized distributor of Mitsubishi Motors in Kuwait since 1972, celebrated 50 years of a strategic partnership with Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. At Al Mulla Group, we pride ourselves on having prosperous partnerships with leading global brands. Our business has been built on the principles of Excellence, Innovation, and Professionalism, which have led us over the years to realize triumphs in every aspect of our operations.

Our Brands

Corporate Governance

Al Mulla Group is a closed shareholding company and is privately held by the Al Mulla family. The vision and business outlook for the whole group is set by the shareholders through the Board. This vision is then translated into strategic execution by the management, who manage the operations of each business unit in sync with the objectives.

In order to maintain the highest level of integrity in the Group’s conduct and operations, all our companies and subsidiaries are held to the stringent standards of corporate governance, ensuring that they comply with the latest international standards, national laws and regulations, and industry best practices. The Group works with internationally reputed consulting firms to continuously improve processes and ensure a work environment that honors transparency, integrity, and honesty at every step of the way.

The Board is responsible for the systems of risk management and internal controls, which are designed to manage risk and provide reasonable assurance against material misstatement or loss. The Board implements effective policies and procedures for both operational and finance activities across the Group. Additionally, all policies, business processes and finance procedures are subject to the scrutiny of an independent in-house Internal Audit Department, which reports to the Board Audit Committee. Further, another independent in-house Compliance Department, which also functionally reports to the Board Audit Committee, ensures compliance with approved Policy & Procedures, applicable laws and regulations and terms and conditions of distributor agreements.

Corporate Governance

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Al Mulla Group is committed to being a responsible and conscientious corporate entity, and giving back to the community is a major theme of its corporate conscience. The board members of Al Mulla Group share a common belief in the pivotal role of the private sector in community development. As a family-owned business, these values of being an active participant in the society’s well-being translate from the individuals to the Group. The progress of the community is not only a personal objective, but also a key component of economic progress and social harmony.read more

  •   Al Mulla Group Head Office,
         Free Trade Zone, Shuwaikh,
  •      Mailing address
         P.O. Box 177, Safat, 13002, Kuwait
  •   +965 2225 0888
  •   +965 2225 0880
  • info@almullagroup.com

About Al Mulla Group

Al Mulla Group is one of the largest diversified privately held business groups headquartered in Kuwait, driven by over 15,000 people from more than 35 countries, having affiliations with over 40 companies and subsidiaries, and exclusively representing over 200 renowned world-class brands.