Facility Management (FM) Services

The FM Division houses the organization’s engineering services, which are seamlessly integrated to meet the needs of our clients and customers.  FM Provides visible and invisible services to the day-to-day building occupants that ensure the building operates reliably and supports the business operations – managing the janitorial and technical services (the engineering sciences) as well as space planning, developing and managing budgets, utilities monitoring, mitigating impacts of government regulation, and reporting to upper management on the performance of FM programs and processes. FM is developing all of these and weaving them together into an integrated program that will demonstrate value to the organization’s core business, and that supports its success.

FM forms the crucial link between the core business operations of an organization and the reliability of the facilities for the users.

Moreover, we offer FM tailored software that improves the efficacy of day-to-day operation and maintenance activities. Our success comes from the KPIs that correlate with our customers’ own goals and objectives.

Precision Environmental & Power Systems
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About Al Mulla Group

Al Mulla Group is a leading diversified privately held business group based in the State of Kuwait. The Group employs over 15,000 people, owns more than 40 Group companies and subsidiaries, operates in 8 countries, and has affiliations with over 200 international brands.