Promotion of Mr. Faisal AlMatar as Group Manager of HR

01 October 2016

1) The position and its role.

The position I got promoted to is ‘Group Manager of the Human Resources department’. My role is to look after the HR and the Administration departments. Both departments have different roles, the HR department looks into recruitment, training & development; and personnel & government related work; while the Administration department measures the progress of the Company. It looks over agencies, renewal of licenses, service contracts, and various procurements for the company.


2) The history; how long have you been in this firm.

I started in 2003 as an Assistant Personnel Officer, looking over the staffing activities. Over the years, I was promoted to several positions with additional responsibilities that looked over the payroll, passport related activities, Kuwaitization program for recruitment and etc.


3) How do you measure your success?

I measure my success with my team. The teamwork and effort put in helps enhance my personal career.


4) What advice do you have?

For the young; not to give up, especially the Kuwaitis. In the private sector you need to work hard, always put a target and aim at it. When you fail, always take it as an opportunity to change it into success; you need to learn from your mistake in order to succeed. You should be more enthusiastic, motivated, and don’t look for what you gain financially but for what you will gain for your future.


5) What differentiates the AlMulla Group from the other private companies?

Al Mulla Group can give you the opportunity to succeed, aim, target, work freely, and to build yourself within a good environment.

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         Free Trade Zone, Shuwaikh,
  •      Mailing address
         P.O. Box 177, Safat, 13002, Kuwait
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