01 April 2017

Al Mulla Group has launched its recruitment campaign for this year through the National Program for Qualification and Career Guidance "Jahzeen", in participation with the Manpower and Government Restructuring Program, Taqat Youth Investment Company, and the College of Technical Studies allied with the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training. This campaign aims to recruit fresh graduates holding diploma or degree conferred by the College of Technical Studies.


In order to meet the crucial needs of the labor market for trained human resources, the program aspires to train new employees in a way that combines technical and managerial skills, as well as qualifies them to be able to meet the requirements of Al Mulla Group’s plans and projects. Precisely, it aims at increasing their abilities to adapt and surmount the challenges of the private sector. 

  •   Al Mulla Group Head Office,
         Free Trade Zone, Shuwaikh,
  •      Mailing address
         P.O. Box 177, Safat, 13002, Kuwait
  •   +965 2225 0888
  •   +965 2225 0880
  • info@almullagroup.com

About Al Mulla Group

Al Mulla Group is a leading diversified privately held business group based in the State of Kuwait. With over 15,000 employees, over 40 different Group companies and subsidiaries, operating in 8 different countries and affiliations with over 200 international brands.

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