Al Mulla Group Renews Its Support to Re:Food - Working Together to Deliver Goodness in Kuwait

09 May 2021
As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy towards local communities in Kuwait, Al Mulla Group has recently renewed its commitment to Refood. With this collaborative agreement, Al Mulla Group will continue to provide logistical aid and transportation services to Refood for another year in support of the non-profit organization’s mission of reducing food waste, and redistributing excess food through rechanneling it to local beneficiaries.

This partnership initiative with Refood reflects Al Mulla Group’s commitment to its CSR policy. The contribution stems from the Group’s strong belief in the importance of private sector support to various initiatives and endeavors of non-profit NGOs in the country and helping them achieve their strategic objectives.

Chief Executive Officer of Al Mulla Group Mr. Talal Anwar Al Mulla said: “We are pleased to be able to provide logistical aid and services to Refood. We are working together to deliver goodness in Kuwait by ensuring that food waste is reduced, and excess food is delivered efficiently to local beneficiaries through Al Mulla Group’s logistical support and aid services.” Adding, “Al Mulla Group believes strongly in playing an active role in giving back to the communities where we conduct our business and we take our corporate social responsibility very seriously. We hope that other companies in the private sector will also contribute to supporting similar projects.”

Ms. Maryam Aleisa, CEO of Refood also said: “The contribution and logistical aid from Al-Mulla Group last year has had great impact on our ability to deliver humanitarian relief bundles and food baskets to those who needed them most during those challenging times of full and partial lockdown periods in some of Kuwait’s neighborhoods.” She also added, “This collaboration reflects Al Mulla Group’s commitment to giving back to the community and supporting Kuwait in becoming a contributor to waste reduction and climate protection. We are proud to have collaborators that believe in investing to develop our country on an environmental, humanitarian, social, and economic level. We look forward to continuing this mutually beneficial partnership agreement with Al Mulla Group for years to come.”

Over the years, Al Mulla Group has contributed aid and support to numerous initiatives and programs of non-profit organizations in Kuwait. These activities are reflective of the Group’s strong commitment to its corporate social responsibility in providing aid, whenever possible, to projects and institutions that seek to develop Kuwait and enhance its pioneering role.

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