Al Mulla Group Distributes Food Baskets to 500 Families in Kuwait in Collaboration with Refood

28 March 2023
As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy towards local communities in Kuwait, Al Mulla Group - a leading diversified privately held business group based in the State of Kuwait - renews its commitment to supporting socially responsible initiatives by NGOs. Before the start of the month of Ramadan, staff members at the Al Mulla Group Headquarters in Kuwait volunteered to join hands with members of refood to sort, package and distribute 500 food baskets donated by Al Mulla Group to less-fortunate families in Kuwait.

As an extension to our ongoing strategic CSR partnership with refood, this year, staff members from Al Mulla Group volunteered to work hand in hand with the refood team to sort, pack, and distribute 500 food and goods baskets donated by Al Mulla Group. In a joint logistical operation, refood will deliver these baskets to the less fortunate families in Kuwait via an Al Mulla Industries refrigerated truck commissioned by Al Mulla Group to refood several years ago to support their logistical needs in food distribution operations across Kuwait.

Commenting on this initiative, the Head of Group Corporate Communications Hatem Korabi said: “Once again, we are pleased this year to renew our strategic CSR commitment to refood and lend them a helping hand to support their Ramadan Food Baskets Distribution Campaign. Through the financial sponsorship of Al Mulla Group and our staff’s collaborative volunteering initiatives, we were able to deliver goodness throughout Kuwait.” He added, “Al Mulla Group is a firm believer in giving back to the communities wherever we are. We hope that other companies in the private sector will also contribute to supporting similar projects.”

Ms. Maryam Aleisa, CEO of refood, said: “We are grateful for the financial contribution by Al Mulla Group by sponsoring 500 Food & Goods baskets to support our Ramadan initiatives. This year our partnership included a new dimension of collaborative efforts, which immensely helped in our ability to effectively sort, pack, and deliver Food & Goods baskets to those who needed this aid in the month of Ramadan”. She also added, “This collaboration reflects our joint commitment in giving back to the community and supporting Kuwait as partners and contributors to waste reduction and climate protection. We are proud to have partners like Al Mulla Group who believe in investing their time and efforts to develop our country on an environmental, humanitarian, social, and economic level. We look forward to continuing this mutually beneficial partnership with Al Mulla Group for years to come.”

This socially responsible contribution stems from Al Mulla Group’s strong belief in the importance of private sector support to various initiatives and endeavors of non-profit NGOs in the country and helping them achieve their strategic objectives. Over the years, Al Mulla Group has contributed aid and support to numerous other initiatives and programs of non-profit organizations in Kuwait. These activities reflect the Group’s strong commitment to its Corporate Social Responsibility in providing aid, whenever possible, to projects and institutions that seek to develop Kuwait and enhance its pioneering role.
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