Al Mulla Group Partners with Siemens Kuwait to Bring a Sustainable Clean Energy Future

18 February 2024
Al Mulla Group and Siemens announced jointly the signing of a distributorship agreement between the two market leaders in their respective markets, to enhance Kuwait’s future ability to implement green energy solutions and embrace Kuwait’s vision of achieving sustainable clean energy markets. According to the terms of the agreement, Al Mulla Engineering, a member of Al Mulla Group and the largest Mechanical, Electrical and Plumping (MEP) contractor with over 65 years of operational excellence in Kuwait, will become the authorized distributor of the largest stock and the most diverse range of Siemens Electric Vehicles (EV) charging equipment in Kuwait.

Mr. Talal A. Al Mulla, Chief Executive Officer of Al Mulla Group and Mr. Oliver Spierling, Chief Executive Officer of Siemens in Kuwait, signed the agreement during a special ceremony that took place at the Headquarters of Al Mulla Group in Shuwaikh recently. The official announcement took place in the presence Ms. Anfal N. Al Mulla, Managing Director of Al Mulla Engineering, and Eng. Sami Talat, Director - Maintenance Engineering Services. From the Siemens side, the meeting was attended by Ms. Rajeshree Chavan, Senior Vice President - Electrical Products, Siemens Kuwait, Mr. Mohammed Katabjiwala, Vice President – Finance, Siemens Kuwait and Rupendra Prasad, Head of Sales, Siemens Kuwait.

Commenting on this significant milestone and future-changing partnership, the CEO of Al Mulla Group Mr. Talal A. Al Mulla said: “At Al Mulla Group we are deeply honored to announce our partnership with Siemens, a global leader in sustainable energy solutions, to distribute their innovative electric vehicle (EV) chargers across the Kuwaiti market through our engineering arm, Al Mulla Engineering.” Adding, “This agreement is not merely a commercial transaction; it is a powerful testament to our shared vision – a vision aligned with the ambitious goals set forth by the Kuwaiti government to transition towards a cleaner energy future. As a responsible corporate citizen, Al Mulla Group has always been committed to sustainability, integrating it into the core of our operations and strategic decisions. We recognize the crucial role that electric mobility plays in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, combating climate change, and ensuring a healthier environment for generations to come.”

Commenting on the partnership agreement, Mr. Oliver Spierling said: "We are thrilled to begin this strategic journey with Al Mulla Group. This collaboration signifies a pivotal step towards enhancing accessibility to sustainable energy solutions. Together, we aim to empower communities with cutting-edge technology, supporting Kuwait’s vision to a greener future. This partnership underscores our commitment to driving innovation in the rapidly evolving eMobility market."

This agreement will enable Al Mulla Engineering, a member of Al Mulla Group and a market leader in distributed energy and electrical infrastructure solutions, to provide end-to-end EV charging consultation, design, installation and service agreements, making them one of the only true turnkey solution providers capable of managing EV charging projects from the grid to the vehicle. In the initial phase of implementing the partnership, Al Mulla Engineering will distribute the AC Charging range of Siemens’ EV charging equipment used by Charge point operators and electrical contractors. The initial order will include the VersiCharge 7kw–22kw AC, and the SICHARGE CC 22kW AC commercial charging.

This ceremony marks a significant step forward in Kuwait's journey towards a cleaner, more sustainable future. Through this partnership with Siemens, we are bringing cutting-edge EV charging technology to the fingertips of Kuwaiti citizens. This will not only accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles, but also create a robust infrastructure that supports and encourages this clean and sustainable mode of transportation. Imagine a Kuwait where emissions-free cars glide silently through our streets, powered by clean energy generated from renewable sources. This is the future that we are working towards, and this agreement marks a significant step on that path.

At Al Mulla Group, we are confident that this partnership will not only benefit our companies but also contribute significantly to the environmental and economic well-being of Kuwait. By providing accessible and reliable EV charging solutions, we are empowering Kuwaiti citizens to make sustainable choices for themselves and their families. We are also paving the way for the growth of a new green economy, creating jobs and opportunities in the burgeoning electric vehicle sector.
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